Saturday, March 28, 2009

project: wedding cakeS

To everyone who's been invited to bake the cakes -

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for agreeing to help me bake our wedding cakes!
This is going to be a bit of work, and I really appreciate your help, especially considering Ryan and I won't be back to town until a week before the wedding!  You help means the world to me!

The wedding cakes crash course is as follows.
There are 3 cakes we're going to bake, and 1 pie (pending).  We're going to buy 1 cake from Papa Haydn's in Portland.  The cake from Papa Haydn's will be a dense chocolate cake with ganache frosting, and a caramel quenelle on top (basically a dolop of sweet caramel) and fleur-de-sel sprinkled on top.  Basically, that's a flavor palette of chocolate, caramel, and salt.  Don't be nervous about the salt, it's delicious!  We wouldn't have chosen that one cake if it weren't.  Häagen-Dazs makes a fleur-de-sel ice cream if you want to try the flavor.

I'll post the recipes for the 3 cakes we'll be making shortly.

Please try to make each cake in advance at least once.  Twice will have us twice as prepared.  I've already made all of the cakes at least once, and 2 of them I've made at least three times (they're that good!!).  If you need advice, just ask.  If you need supplies, just ask.  

Logistically, the plan is to bake all of the cake layers on wednesday.  We can also make the filling on wednesday.  So, if you have started to think about when to get to town, please try to be here on wednesday!  We'll go to and early brunch, and then start baking!

Let me say this again: THANK YOU.  I love all of you so much!!


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